Workshop tinyBug v0.1
In the projects we initiated ourselves we experienced that small electronics, laser cutting and 3D printing really benefit from each other and add up to far more than the sum of their parts.
A new creature or object comes into existence and although its functionality, purpose or goal is not fully defined, by creating it step-by-step, analyzing the flaws in both hard- and software and making numerous iterations in hours in stead of weeks, this experiment makes it a lot more interesting than proving that a certain technique works.
This learning by doing approach resulted in the Erlenmeyer tinyBug that was developed by our man abroad Frank Kolkman during a two week break from his Design Interactions study at the Royal College of Art in London.
The tinyBug is the first circuit board that will be published by Erlenmeyer and uses the small but powerful ATTiny85 chip.

The tinyBug is a board that will find new applications in the future but currently serves as the brain of a bug, inspired by bristle bots.
These bugs have numerous variables but one constant; the tinyBug board. Their body, legs, inputs and behaviour are all customizable;
if you want to make a bug shaped like a Volkswagen Beetle, an airplane, a toaster or an octopus, all you have to do is draw it and get the parts laser cut. Complex feet are very well printable with flexible filament and when the bug gets too slow or fast with the latest iteration you can alter the easy readable code to change its pace.
You could make a bug that runs towards the light if you ad on a light sensor or one that swirls the room in perfect circles.
It is all up to you.
All first edition tinyBugs are gone but you can pre-order the tinyBug today, it will be even better! We will email you the estimated arrival when the second batch is ready for shipment.

The technical drawings of the different elements are released under creative commons licence and are free to download and alter
(see download links below).
A full tinyBug starter kit will set you back €29,- ex. shipping and features a few different bodies, some feet to get you started and all electronic parts needed to make numerous bugs.

If you interested in a kit or perhaps a workshop, please send us an email at:

All files and tutorial are in the .zip file linked below.
For questions or inquiries, please contact us.

Workshops en hackathon
Heb je nog geen ontwerp? Erlenmeyer organiseert workshops en hackathons (in korte tijd iets nieuws maken van bestaande onderdelen) waarbij je zelf aan de slag kunt met digitale fabricage. Maak bijvoorbeeld een computergestuurde tekenmachine of repareer je kapotte videorecorder* door een nieuw onderdeel te printen.

*slechts een van de vele mogelijkheden.
upload je ontwerp
Upload je 3D of laser ontwerp, vul je email adres in en klik op verstuur om een email met de verwachtte print/snij duur en prijs te ontvangen. Laserbestanden in .eps of .svg formaat en 3D bestanden in .stl formaat.

Schrijf je in voor de mailinglijst om op de hoogte te blijven van workshops, lezingen en nieuwe productie mogelijkheden.